Education Series

PAC³ is collaborating with Heart University to host a series of educational webinars for the inpatient provider. Email for registration information for upcoming webinars.


Acute Care Cardiology Grand Rounds

Webinar 1: For Whom the Bell Tolls: Alarm Reduction and In-room Monitor Silencing on the Acute Care Cardiology Unit

Webinar 2: The History of Acute Care Cardiology and the PAC³ Journey

Webinar 3: Target Based Care: Leveraging EHR-Derived Benchmarks to Reduce Postoperative Intensive and Acute Care Length of Stay

Webinar 4: Big Data in Little Hearts: Registry Based Research in Pediatric Cardiology

Webinar 5: #MentalHealthMatters: Enhancing Patient and Family Mental Health in Pediatric Acute Care Cardiology

Webinar 6: Wound Care and Sternal Infections: Where we are and where we can go from here

Webinar 7: Closing the Gap: Advocating for health equity from the individual to societal level

PAC³ Education Series

Webinar 1: Introduction to Echocardiogram

Webinar 2: Introduction to Cardiac Catheterization

Webinar 3: Introduction to EKG

Webinar 4: Introduction to Pacemaker

Webinar 5: Introduction to Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Webinar 6: Cardiac Physiology: Single Ventricle & Cardiac Output

Webinar 7: Introduction to Exercise Testing

Webinar 8: Introduction to Advanced Imaging

Webinar 9: Introduction to Heart Failure Management

Webinar 10: Introduction to VAD Management

Webinar 11: Introduction to Cardiovascular Genetics

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