Anthony Hlavacek, MD, MSCR

Anthony Hlavacek, MD, MSCR

Dr. Anthony Hlavacek is a doctor who takes care of children with heart problems. Some of these patients are born with abnormally developed hearts, while others develop heart problems later in childhood. He sees patients in outpatient clinics, and is also the medical director of our pediatric cardiology acute care unit in the Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of South Carolina. In addition, he performs pediatric echocardiography, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, and fetal echocardiography.

He is originally from Missouri, but went to college at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He then went to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas for medical school. He completed a residency in pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital before coming to the Medical University of South Carolina for a fellowship in pediatric cardiology. He has advanced training in cardiac imaging and also completed a Masters in Clinical Research. He is well-respected expert in cardiac imaging and cardiac anatomy, and had been invited to speak at regional, national, and international conferences about these topics. He has authored over 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 10 book chapters, and co-authored a textbook.

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