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The latest clinical research published using data from the PAC3 Registry


The added value of the advanced practice provider in paediatric acute care cardiology

Authors: Amanda J. Willis, Amanda Hoerst, Stephen A. Hart, Diana Holbein, Kristyn Lowery, Ashraf S. Harahsheh, Alaina K. Kipps, Nicolas Madsen, Sonali S. Patel, and Ronn E. Tanel


Variation in care practices across pediatric acute care cardiology units: Results of the Pediatric Acute Care Cardiology Collaborative (PAC³) hospital survey

Authors: Amanda Hoerst MSN, Adnan Bakar MD, Steven C. Cassidy MD, Martha Clabby MD, Erica Del Grippo DO, Margaret Graupe MS, Ashraf S. Harahsheh MD, Anthony M. Hlavacek MD, Stephen A. Hart MD, Alaina K. Kipps MD,
Nicolas L. Madsen MD, Dora D. O’Neil BSN, Sonali S. Patel MD, Courtney M. Strohacker MD, and Ronn E. Tanel MD.


Collective quality improvement in the paediatric cardiology acute care unit: establishment of the Pediatric Acute Care Cardiology Collaborative (PAC³)

Authors: Alaina K Kipps, Steven C Cassidy, Courtney M Strohacker, Margaret Graupe, Katherine E Bates, Mary C McLellan, Ashraf S Harahsheh, Samuel P Hanke, Ronn E Tanel, Susan K Schachtner, Michael Gaies, Nicolas Madsen.

Variability in paediatric cardiac postoperative chest tube management

Authors: Anne C. Taylor, Katherine E. Bates, and Alaina K. Kipps.