Inclusion, Diversity & Health Equity Advocates (IDHEA) Committee

Focus on equitable outcomes

Sarah Plummer, MD

Sarah Plummer, MD

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Mayte Figueroa, MD

Mayte Figueroa, MD

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Overview: The IDHEA Committee’s mission is to ensure that PAC3 focuses a health equity lens on all Collaborative efforts to improve acute care cardiology outcomes. With this in mind, we also strive to ensure diversity and inclusion throughout the Collaborative and the acute care cardiology community as a whole. We will work with other pediatric cardiology collaboratives (PC4, CNOC, etc.) to achieve the Committee’s aims that are summarized below. The Committee will meet at least bi-monthly.


  • To improve equity of acute pediatric cardiology patient/family outcomes including with regard to race/gender/ethnicity/SES
    • Provide a review of current PAC3-wide outcomes stratified by race/ethnicity/payor etc. regularly, to increase awareness of existing disparities and help us to focus on our improvement efforts
    • Develop PAC3-sponsored QI projects focusing on DEI-specific issues
    • Develop culturally appropriate DEI education for pediatric cardiology providers/staff
    • Serve as a repository for information that will allow for more equitable provision of care (e.g. discharge instructions in different languages)
  • To be intentional and inclusive in our efforts to increase diversity within PAC3 on all levels (e.g. committee membership, senior leadership, and research involvement/authorship)
    • Increase ethnic/racial/gender/SES diversity 
    • Improve diversity with regard to care providers types and patient/families
    • Collaborate with PAC3 members to develop and initiate pediatric cardiology provider minority recruitment/retention efforts

Is there an event or program relating to diversity, equity and inclusion that you would like to promote?

The IDHEA committee would like to help promote national events, programs, educational and funding opportunities. The goal is to provide opportunities for our members to learn about some aspect of health equity or disparity and/or is beneficial to understand diverse patient cultures. We would respectfully like to request that religious events are not posted, though sponsorship by religious organizations is ok and opportunities for cultural education are encouraged.

These will be put on the Events page of the website, highlighted in monthly newsletters, posted on Twitter, and added to the SharePoint banner.

Thank you for your support!

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