QI Education

PAC³ is pleased to offer its member centers licenses to Life QI and the IHI Open School.

Cardiac Networks United QI Education/Training

QI Basics

Format: Series of six 1-hour virtual training sessions offered 2x per year; primarily didactic but with time reserved for discussion/questions.

Participants: Open to all CNU participants who are or will be engaged in CNU QI project(s) at site level (including patients/parents); advanced registration and commitment to participate in full series is required.

Purpose: Provide an introduction to quality improvement concepts, tools, and methods; prepare network members to effectively participate on site level teams working on CNU QI projects.

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Session DateTopicsPre-work
1Sep 1, 2021 3-4pm ESTThe Model for Improvement, Forming a Team
IHI Open School QI 101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement (Lessons 1-3)
QI 102: How to improve with the Model for Improvement
(Lessons 1-2)
2Oct 6, 2021 3-4pm ESTUnderstanding Current State and Root Causes Tools: 5 Whys, sFMEA, Pareto, Fishbone
3Nov 3, 2021 3-4pm ESTMeasuring Improvement: Operational Definitions Data Collection Strategies Run Charts
IHI Open School QI 104: Interpreting Data: Run charts, control charts, and other measurement tools (Lessons 1-3)
4Dec 1, 2021 3-4pm ESTTheory of Change Tools: Key Driver Diagram
5Jan 5, 2022 3-4pm ESTPlan-Do-Study-Act Cycles and Change Concepts
IHI Open School QI 103: Testing & Measuring Changes with PDSA cycles (Lessons 1–3)
6Feb 2, 2022 3-4pm ESTReliability, Spread, and Sustainability
IHI Open School QI 201 Planning for spread: from local improvements to system-wide change

Advanced Learning Health Network Training

Format: Quarterly 1-hour interactive sessions.

Participants: Open to CNU Network members who are currently (or will be) leading CNU project(s) at local site level or network level (including patient/patient co-leaders).

Purpose: Develop leaders who are able to effectively lead site level teams working on CNU QI projects, and who have interest in leadership roles leading QI at the network level; educate leaders on advanced concepts that are involved in leading a network.

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1Oct 12, 2021 1-2pm ESTWhat is a learning health system?IHI Open School pre-work QI 105: Leading quality improvement
L 101: Introduction to Healthcare Leadership
Lesson 1: What makes a leader
Lesson 2: Practical skills for leading teams
2Jan 11, 2022 1-2pm ESTDesigning for network change, learning and improvement framework, learning sessions
3Apr 12, 2022 1-2pm ESTBuilding and balancing a portfolio or projects, actor-oriented organization
4Jul 12, 2022 1-2pm ESTIncorporating health equity into network

Life QI

Life QI is a software platform that allows teams to create Key Driver Diagrams, conduct PDSA cycles, and visualize the results on run and control charts. The Model for improvement tools are integrated to provide a platform tailored to running quality improvement projects. Centers can use the platform when participating in PAC³-led quality improvement projects and to organize and run local QI projects.


    Life QI   

IHI Open School

The IHI Open School is a global learning community that offers three levels online courses about quality improvement:

  • 100-level courses = Introductory concepts for all health care audiences
  • 200-level courses = Intermediate concepts and specialized topic areas
  • 300-level courses = Project-based learning

Open School

If you are interested in obtaining a license for either product, email PAC3@cchmc.org.