QI Education

PAC³ is pleased to offer its member centers licenses to Life QI and the IHI Open School.

Life QI

Life QI is a software platform that allows teams to create Key Driver Diagrams, conduct PDSA cycles, and visualize the results on run and control charts. The Model for improvement tools are integrated to provide a platform tailored to running quality improvement projects. Centers can use the platform when participating in PAC³-led quality improvement projects and to organize and run local QI projects.


    Life QI   

IHI Open School

The IHI Open School is a global learning community that offers three levels online courses about quality improvement:

  • 100-level courses = Introductory concepts for all health care audiences
  • 200-level courses = Intermediate concepts and specialized topic areas
  • 300-level courses = Project-based learning

Open School

If you are interested in obtaining a license for either product, email PAC3@cchmc.org.