Patients & Family Action Committee

Purpose: We are committed to improving acute cardiology patient outcomes and patient and family experience through advocacy, sharing of personal experience, creating patient and family focused materials and purposeful review of PAC3 endorsed programs.

Areas of focus:

  • Assure equitable access to participation
  • Assist centers in providing trauma informed care / mental & physical well-being
  • Embed patient/family voice in every PAC3 project and committee
  • Improve access to education.

Patients and families who volunteer to participate in PAC3 through the Patient & Family Action Committee can:

  • Ensure the patient experience and voice is captured, addressed, and integrated into in research conducted by the collaborative.
  • Bring a variety of perspectives to the table to ensure patients and families from diverse backgrounds are considered in PAC3 projects
  • Have an opportunity to make a direct impact on acute cardiology care at your center
  • Take part in educational opportunities to learn more about the congenital heart disease journey for patients, parents and families
  • Find community among other patients, parents and families
  • Help improve the inpatient experience for others

Contact us for more information about joining.

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