Education & Outreach Committee

Promoting educational opportunities and multidisciplinary collaboration

Education & Outreach Committee Co-Chairs:

Alexandra Birely, APRN, ACCNS-P

Alexandra Birely, APRN, ACCNS-P

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Dr. Brittney K Hills, Education & Outreach Co-Chair

Brittney K. Hills, MD

Brittney K. Hills, MD

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Dana Gal, Education & Outreach

Dana B. Gal, MD

Dana B. Gal, MD

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Vision: Promote, support and develop educational opportunities and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Overview: The Education & Outreach Committee’s mission is to support and develop educational resources and opportunities, while promoting multidisciplinary collaboration with participating and potential members, parent advocates, partner collaboratives, and the public.


  • Recruit and facilitate meaningful participation with all members of the acute care cardiology team, including nursing, advanced practice providers and physicians
  • Oversee and develop of the parent advisor role within PAC3 and at member centers
  • Support information sharing and networking between member institutions
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of education-based projects
  • Create and maintain an Educational Library
  • Oversee and manage of the PAC3 website and social media outlets
  • Support partnerships with other cardiology and healthcare collaboratives
  • Maintain marketing materials for the recruitment of new member sites and member participation opportunities

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