Quality Improvement

Submitting, reviewing, and carrying out Quality Improvement proposals

Quality Improvement Committee Co-Chairs:

Overview: The QI committee oversees the PAC³ processes for submitting, reviewing, and carrying out quality improvement proposals. In addition to facilitating QI implementation with PAC³ project leaders, the QI committee works to provide QI education to all members of PAC³. Education will take place at in-person conferences, through webinars, videos, and templates using the PAC³ SharePoint site as a central hub. The QI committee works in conjunction with the Database and Executive committees to evaluate changing data points ensure that the registry continues to measure outcome and process measures so the captured data can readily be used in quality improvement projects locally and collaborative-wide. The QI committee meets quarterly, either in-person or on conference calls.


  • To provide QI project management from intake, approval, execution, and dissemination/publication.
  • To partner with PAC³ project leaders to facilitate QI implementation.
  • To increase QI capacity/education for PAC³ members.
  • Establish and maintain PAC³ outcome and process measures. This includes providing a structured review of measure reports to prioritize improvements.
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